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Product Selection

Selection Process

We carry a wide variety of instruments in our shop that are also available on a trial basis. The Trombone Shop encourages you to try different horn and mouthpiece combinations to find the right feel and sound of the instrument. Our Trombone Specialist will help you find the right instrument for the next step in your journey.

Order Process

Our Trombone Specialist work on your behalf to place and manage each order, to provide updates and to ensure “worry-free” delivery. To ensure the highest quality we meticulously check every instrument on arrival from the trombone maker. Those that do not meet our quality standards are returned.

Ongoing Support

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, we also provide our own guarantee for each instrument. When you purchase from The Trombone Shop, your confidence rests not only on the promise of your particular trombone maker, but also on our ironclad guarantee – proven and backed by 120 years of customer care. In addition, our trombone specialist are deeply committed to working with you to assure 100% satisfaction with your trombone and our company. We pride ourselves on being able to answer all of your questions about trombones, repairs, maintenance, etc. We look forward to hearing from you!