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The Next Step - Schmitt Music's Step-Up Performance Program


Your continuing music student may be ready to take the next step in their musical journey by moving into a performance-level instrument.

Schmitt Music’s “The Next Step” instrument program offers the best selection of Performance and Professional instruments in the Midwest! We also offer a variety of payment options and financing programs that make ownership easy and convenient.

If you are currently making payments on a Schmitt Music “Better Than Rent” instrument, you have an Earned Equity Credit that you can apply toward the purchase of your new “Next Step” instrument!

Your account’s Earned Equity Credit is calculated as follows: BAND instruments – equal to the first 12 months of payments; ORCHESTRA instruments – 100% of your payments made to date (up to the full cost of your instrument upgrade). Earned Equity Credit can be applied to select “Next Step” instrument outfits and is available for customers whose accounts are current and in good standing. Contact us at to learn more!


What is 'The Next Step' Program?

As instrumentalists, every single time we practice, rehearse or perform, we count on our instruments to translate technique into music. Therefore, the instrument is critically important to the level of performance.

Since performers possess different levels of ability, manufacturers create instruments to accommodate players at any level. The design of the instrument at each level is based on the needs of the player at that specific point in their musical journey. As the performer grows in ability and technique, their choice of instrument should be evaluated to ensure the best performance possible.

Student Instruments

“Student instruments” are built for the beginning player – features include:

• Key work that is ergonomically designed for the player with smaller hands.

• Body designs for the developing player in order to promote a proper airstream.

• Finishes with the intent of protecting the instrument from damage.

• Overall instrument designs to encourage and support proper intonation. The instrument needs to play in tune while the player is developing skills to control pitch.

Performance Instruments

Performance instruments are The Next Step – features include:

• Key work that’s designed to facilitate faster musical passages, increase the range of the instrument, and provide adjustability for the uniqueness of the player’s hands.

• Body designs, including bore, neck, head joint, lip plate, and body tube, that are modified to provide flexibility in tone production, along with improved depth and retention of focus at higher dynamic levels.

• Different materials used in the construction of the instrument. The ratio of copper zinc in brass instruments is altered by the manufacturer to allow for performers to identify the instrument that achieves their desired tone. Nickel silver, sterling silver, and solid silver are also metals used to affect teh tonal color produced.

• Additional options in finish are available to the player; all of which will impact the sound of the instrument.

Professional instruments

Professional instruments for advanced players

Professional-level instruments are built to the highest standards and, in most cases, are built by hand. The number of options available, along with the extreme attention to detail, provides the advanced player the opportunity to find the instrument that is one-of-a-kind and that perfectly matches his or her style and needs. Professional instruments are built to a musical standard not a specification.


Let the experts at Schmitt Music help you “Step Up” to a superior quality instrument. Set up your selection appointment today: email us at or call your Schmitt Music store.

“The Next Step” instrument program is about making sound improvements in your child’s musical journey – let us help you step up to a better quality instrument today!

Easy payment plans and financing options are available! Visit us today or contact your Schmitt Music store for more information about how you can take your music to the next level. Learn how easy it can be to TAKE THE NEXT STEP!


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