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Worry-Free Instrument Maintenance Plan

Protect Your Investment – Free Instrument Replacement!

Your Schmitt Music instrument is an investment in your student’s music education, and our “Worry-Free” plan offers protection and peace of mind – you’re covered for all repairs required to keep your instrument in good playing condition.

However careful you may be, accidents happen, and repair costs may be in the hundreds of dollars. Avoid unexpected repair bills and sign up today!

Schmitt Music’s “Worry-Free Maintenance Plan” for beginner student-level instruments covers:

Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Saxophone:

Keys, pads, corks, mouthpiece or headjoint, body and case
• Adjustments, bent or broken parts, chips, cracks, replacement as needed
• Dents, if instrument playability is impaired


Slide, slide latch, water key, mouthpiece and case
• Corks, slide problems, replacement as needed, and stuck mouthpieces

Trumpet, Baritone, French Horn, Tuba

Valves, slides, springs, corks, mouthpiece and case
• Adjustments, sticking or bent valves, replacement as needed and stuck mouthpieces
• Dents, if instrument playability is impaired

Percussion, Snare & Bell Kit, Marimba, and Xylophone

Heads (split), lugs (stripped), shells, frames, pins, bars, cord, resonators and case

Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Body, pegs, fine tuners, tailpiece, chin rest, bow, bridge, and case
• Tuner problems, body separations, bow hair or other problems, replacement as needed
• String replacement


If your instrument is stolen, or damaged or destroyed in a house fire, Schmitt Music will replace your instrument with a similar or comparable instrument at no additional charge.

• You must have the Maintenance Plan on your instrument and your account must be current at the time of the incident.
• You must provide a police or fire department report to receive a replacement instrument
• The replacement may be a different brand or model.

Call or visit your Schmitt Music store for more information or to sign up for the Maintenance Plan today!

  • Just $7.49 per month (plus tax if applicable)
  • Repairs are made by authorized Schmitt Music repair technicians.

Plus, an important benefit of Schmitt Music’s “Worry-Free Maintenance Plan” is our offer of a FREE LOANER INSTRUMENT in the event of needed repairs!

Schmitt Music’s Worry-Free Maintenance Plan excludes:

• coverage on instruments other than the one listed on your contract
• Repairs needed due to malicious damage or destruction
• Repairs needed due to damage caused by unskilled/unqualified persons attempting repair
• Reimbursement for services or parts obtained from sources other than Schmitt Music and our affiliates
• Replacement of reeds, oils, creams, sticks, mallets, or rosin
• Finish restoration
• Instrument or case cosmetics

Chemical cleaning is completed “as needed” or by the recommendation of our professional repair technicians.