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Warning regarding imposter Schmitt Music websites

Warning to customers regarding counterfeit / imposter websites using Schmitt Music branding.

Schmitt Music would like to warn our visitors and customers of the existence of counterfeit websites that display the Schmitt Music Company logo without authorization, and list musical instruments for sale at inaccurate prices. We are currently aware of a URL that uses our company name and ends with the domain extension “” – this site is also being advertised on social media. The imposter site has been reported to authorities and we are taking measures to remove it.

Please only engage with us on verified social media channels, and only browse or shop online via these official Schmitt Music domains: (main company domain), (our ecommerce subdomain), (our “Better Than Rent” student instrument program), or (our current private instruction / music lessons site).

These websites are not associated with Schmitt Music and should not be trusted.

Schmitt Music believes there is a strong likelihood that such websites are acting maliciously, with the intent to illegally acquire customer login/password details or other private information. We also believe there is a strong likelihood that product orders placed through such websites will not be fulfilled, or that the items delivered will be counterfeit products. Please don’t fall victim to these scams!

Schmitt Music therefore warns customers not to disclose their private information to such counterfeit websites, nor to attempt to order products or transfer funds using such counterfeit / imposter websites.

If customers encounter suspicious websites that display the Schmitt Music logo or list musical instruments, pianos, or other products for sale at extremely discounted prices, we recommend that you contact Schmitt Music directly, using the corporate contact form below:

The Schmitt Music Company would like to thank customers for their continued patronage, and once again, please be warned against visiting counterfeit/imposter/fake websites.

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