Group Lessons

The most basic advantage of learning to play in a group setting is that it’s more fun!

In an article by Dr. Alicia Anne Claire and Karl T. Bruhn the “Benefits of Group Music Instruction” (, it says that “Humans have the need to belong, to be a part of a group of individuals who share interests, and who come together for a common purpose. Such needs are as important to children and teens as they are to people in mid-life and to senior adults. In fact, it is being understood that this need for connection with others may be the most important component contributing to quality of life.”

Group Guitar

Learn the skills you need to play your favorite songs! Generally for teens through adults, beginning guitar students will learn strumming patterns, chords, tuning, guitar care, and more.

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Group Ukulele

Intended for the very beginning musician, this class will cover tuning, basic chords, strumming patterns, and basic music notation.

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MacPhail Musical Families Class

This multi-age experience for families promotes music awareness and appreciation through the various integrated arts activities. The lively class meets the varied needs of each child. Through the power of music children develop social skills, body control, increase attention spans, and an appreciation of music.

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