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Our in-store lesson programs are currently suspended, but several teachers are offering virtual instruction and distance learning opportunities! Please contact your Schmitt Music store for more information.

Group Ukulele Classes in Minneapolis

Group Ukulele Lessons

If you want to learn to play a musical instrument, the ukulele is for you! Learn to play in a group setting at Schmitt Music Edina. We have new offerings for every student and every budget – fun for all ages!

Ukuleles are small, they are low maintenance, and they are affordable! One of the best things about the ukulele is its overall simplicity which makes it easier to learn. The ukulele has grown in popularity over the past several years and has established a presence in the pop industry. Check out the class options below:

Youth (ages 8 and above)

  • 4 weekly classes, 45 minutes in length
  • $69 per student (student provides guitar)
  • $5 one-time registration fee per student
  • Minimum class size 4 students; maximum class size 8 students

Uke for Adults (ages 18+)

  • 4 weekly classes, 60 minutes in length
  • $69 per student
  • $5 one-time registration fee per student
  • Minimum class size 4 students; maximum class size 8 students

  • Students must provide instrument and tuner. We can help with that, of course! Ask us about our starter packs!
  • Method book required (not included) for all classes.
  • No make-ups or refunds once classes have started.
  • Upon completion of classes, all students are able to continue learning with one-on-one private lessons and no registration fee.

Create Your Own Uke Class!

  • Find 5 people (in addition to yourself) to register, and one person gets to take the class for FREE!
  • 4 weekly classes: (Youth – 45 minute classes; Adult – 60 minute classes; Family / combination of ages – 60 minute classes)
  • $69 per student
  • $5 one-time registration fee per student

Group Ukulele Form

  • Choose your class/age group:

Schmitt Music will contact you when the minimum number of students for the class has been reached. Your registration and payment will be collected at that time.

For more information, please contact your Schmitt Music store. Thank you!


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