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Brannen Brothers Flutes, Brannen-Cooper Headjoints, Lafin Headjoints For Sale

The Schmitt Music Flute Gallery is proud to announce that we now have Brannen Brothers Flutes and Brannen-Cooper & Lafin Headjoints in stock!

Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. was incorporated in 1978 with the mission of building the finest flutes and headjoints in the world. When they started the company, brothers Bickford and Robert Brannen began the ongoing tradition of collaboration. With a variety of collaborations over the years, the company has brought a number of innovations to flutists everywhere.

Try them out with our amazing Flute Specialists at The Flute Gallery in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, or at the National Flute Association Convention August 1 – 4 in Salt Lake City, Utah – find us at booth #126! Contact us to learn more or to set up your selection appointment!