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Steinway Artist Katie Mahan in concert at Schmitt Music Denver

Please join us for a special evening with Steinway Artist Katie Mahan at Schmitt Music Denver on Saturday, May 21 at 7PM – FREE CONCERT!

The evening’s program includes Gershwin, Mozart’s “Sonata in A minor” and “Sonata in B minor” by Liszt. Seating is limited, so RSVP to save your spot!

Please call 303-777-1900 or email us at to RSVP.

Brilliant, masterly playing… associations with the young
Clara Shumann were revived — she could have played like this.
Neue Ruhr Zeitung, German Newspaper


Watch Katie perform “Estampes” by Claude Debussy on Colorado Public Radio:

Steinway Artist Katie MahanFrom America to the World. Praised as “one of the most outstanding talents coming up today,” American pianist Katie Mahan is capturing the attention of audiences throughout the world for her innovative musical personality, poetic interpretations, and graceful, charming stage presence. She possesses an unquestioned technical mastery combined with a kaleidoscopic palate of tone colors, and has been recognized as “a daring and innovative performer.” A multi-faceted artist for whom music is an endless passion, Katie is at home in a broad repertoire ranging from Bach to Poulenc, and is particularly distinguished as an interpreter of the music of George Gershwin – performing her own daring, exciting solo piano arrangements to standing ovations across the globe – and Claude Debussy.

“Music has been the center of my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that music is one of the most precious gifts that mankind has been given. It transcends culture, time, religion, race, and social boundaries. It tells of history, nature, people, places, and events. It incorporates every known human emotion, speaks the unspeakable, and builds a bridge from the earthly to the sublime. It inspires beauty and desire, and has a power to unite people because it speaks to the common ground of all mankind, namely the soul.” – Katie Mahan

Learn more about Katie on her website: