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Cleartone strings on sale in April


April is “International Guitar Month” and Schmitt Music is proud to introduce Cleartone strings to our guitar walls! These aren’t your grandpa’s coated strings. Cleartone has the thinnest coating in the industry, are proven to play up to 36% louder, and they’re made in the USA!

Special Introductory Pricing in April only!

  • $12.99 strings are just $9.99

  • $16.99 strings are only $12.99!

  • $34.99 bass strings are now $26.99!


When you string your guitar with Cleartone Strings, you get 3-5 times longer string life with none of the tone or feel compromises you’ve experiences with other coated string brands. The award winning and patented Cleartone Treatment is the thinnest coating in the industry. At one micron thin, they feel and sound like traditional strings but withstand hours of strumming without flaking off or sounding dull. In fact, Cleartones were tested to be up to 36% louder than the leading coated string brand according to an independent sound lab.

Unlike other coated strings you’ve used in the past, all six strings in a set Feature the Cleartone Treatment. And unlike the rest, Cleartone Strings are manufactured in North Hollywood, CA with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. There isn’t an area of guitar string construction that was overlooked in making Cleartones the highest quality guitar string on the market.

Cleartone Monster Heavy Series are scientifically proven to be louder and heavier duty in every respect. Because Monster Heavy Series are made by Cleartone, the leader in Premium guitar strings, you also get 3-5 times the lifespan of “ordinary” strings.

Hurry in to your Schmitt Music store and give these great new strings a try! Sale prices good now through April 30, 2013.

Schmitt Music guitar lesson students can get a coupon for an extra $2 OFF the sale price of any Cleartone strings! No limit on number of sets! Ask your instructor for details.