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Master Class UND Professors in Edina

Join us for a FREE Master Class with UND Professors!

On Friday, November 16th at 6:30 pm, Schmitt Music Edina will host a Master Class with UND professors, pianist, Nariaki Sugiura and cellist, Simona Barbu. Both professors will work with 2-3 students during the Master Class.

Nariaki Sugiura will then give a half hour to 45 minute performance on a Steinway D concert grand piano and also talk about the advantages of playing a Steinway. During this performance, Dr. Sugiura will be joined by Simona Barbu on a Brahms piece.

Schmitt Music would like to invite piano and cello teachers and their students to this informative musical event. Please RSVP to 612-238-9930. The first 3 pianist and the first 3 cellist to RSVP will get the opportunity to work with these two talented teachers during the MASTER CLASS.

We’re looking forward to seeing you and your students for this special event at Schmitt Music!