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Please join us for a wonderful evening of Jazz Improvization Music featuring Doris Merritt.

Friday, September 14 at 7:00pm – Schmitt Music Denver

FREE CONCERT! Seating is limited! Please RSVP to this event or call 303-777-1900 if you are planning to attend.

Doris Merritt One of Doris Merritt’s earliest memories was of a Sunday afternoon when she was four years old. She sat down on the bench of the family’s upright piano, opened her father’s music and started to play. She had no instruction, but did it instinctively. She has been playing ever since. She started earning money performing when she was 14 years old by playing for exercise classes at the YMCA, fashion shows, church events and socials, and many events at a YWCA in the Boston area. She has played in hotels, lounges, restaurants, country clubs, and at weddings, receptions, cocktail and holiday parties and social events and as an accompanist for professional singers and groups for 30 years. She has often joked that she has played for everything but burlesque.