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Jackson Berkey 24 Nocturnes CD release event at Schmitt Music Omaha

Join us for Steinway Artist Jackson Berkey’s “24 Nocturnes” CD Release Event on Saturday, December 13 between 2pm and 5pm at Schmitt Music OmahaFREE!

This walk-in event features a listening party, performance by Jackson Berkey, student performances and more! Drop in any time from 2pm to 5pm for a meet & greet with the composer, and hear live performances of Nocturnes, plus enjoy performances by visiting guest artists! You can purchase the new 2-CD sets for just $13.95 each, and have them personally autographed as gifts!

Let us know you’re planning to attend the event!  Give us a call at 402-391-5588, email us at, or use our online RSVP form –

Watch Jackson Berkey perform “NOCTURNE #22 in G Minor” on his Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand piano:


24 Nocturnes cdNight Pieces – Nocturnes – have inspired beauty, romanticism, and deep expression in many composers. The writing of “24 Nocturnes” was an exciting 7 year journey for Jackson Berkey, culminating in September 2014 with his Nocturne in C minor. Following a harmonic path similar to Bach, Chopin, and Shostakovich, Berkey traverses the “Circle of Fifths”, alternating between 12 major and relative minor keys, with developments often leading him into modes. From an explosion of fireworks to the last smoldering ember, there is a Nocturne for every experience.

Many of Berkey’s Nocturnes emulate existing keyboard works from some of his favorite composers of the last four centuries. Out of this fondness for numerous works of the masters came eight Homages to composers. Several are referenced within the music as a point of direction. Jackson’s reach for meaningful poetry is shown in two homages to poets. One Nocturne was originally written for the harpsichord. One is a tour de force for the left hand alone. Emotions run the gamut from effervescent joy to gentle peace to fierce and dynamic rhythmic themes to sweeping and passionate melodies.

A life’s study of drawing a myriad of colors from the pianoforte is evident in these solos. Berkey achieves much through careful notation – stemming and beaming; extensive pedalling notations; meticulous, if infrequent, fingerings; occasional extra staves for structural clarity; and the visual impact of meter. What pianists have had to decipher for themselves among historic publications, Jackson has clarified in the beauty and detail of his scores.

Whether it be elegant introspection or soaring expressionism, the range of compositional temperament in “24 Nocturnes” is an obvious pianistic challenge offering great rewards in technique, color, energy, and piano resonance in performance. Learn more on Jackson Berkey’s website: