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String Shop Clinic at Schmitt Music Brooklyn Center!

Thomastik-Infeld String Clinic – Wednesday, January 30th

Join us at 6PM on Wednesday, January 30 at The String Shop in Schmitt Music Brooklyn Center. Thomastik-Infeld String Specialist, Chris Rohrecker, and Mike Zucek of Connolly Music Co. will present an informative string clinic, demonstrating how strings are made, how the bow and strings interact, whistling E strings and more!


Please contact Shannon Jansma, String Specialist, for more information or to RSVP to these events: call 763-566-4560 or email — SEE YOU AT THE STRING SHOP!

Click here to visit The String Shop online –

Get to know Thomastik-Infeld and Connolly:

Connolly Music Company and Thomastik-Infeld have been working together to bring the finest strings to the US for over 40 years. In addition to being the source and guiding force behind Thomastik-Infeld, Connolly is also the US connection to König & Meyer, Heinrich Gill, Revelle, The Realist and a selection of several other best-in-class brands.

Thomastik-Infeld is an Austrian company founded in 1919, located in Vienna developing and producing strings and rosins for bowed and fretted string instruments. In 1919, Dr. Franz Thomastik, a violin maker, and Otto Infeld, a civil engineer, decided to found a company, invented the steel string and in turn sowed the seeds of a musical revolution.

Suddenly the conventional gut string was challenged by a new string with the highest quality of tone, precision and reliability. It was received enthusiastically by virtuosi across the world. The company was run by Peter Infeld from 1994 until his death on April 15, 2009. He was 67 years old. Peter was also an accomplished opera singer as well as an art collector and exhibitor.