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Schmitt Music Edina, MN

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  • Consignment Steinway B Semi Concert Grand Piano

  • Incredible 1996 Steinway Model B semi-concert grand piano in an ebony satin finish. Owner has decided to consign this beautiful piano. Asking $64,995 - well below the current price of $93,400. You really should come play this piano, it's exceptional! Click here for more info!

  • Consignment Kawai GM10K 5' Baby Grand Piano - SOLD

  • Perfect condition! 5' Kawai baby grand in ebony polish is being consigned and hopefully sold before the family moves out of the country. This wonderful piano is priced at just $8,995. You must play and hear this piano! Click here for more info!
  • Consignment Boston Mahogany Polish 5'4" Grand Piano - SOLD

  • Rare find. Here's a Boston 5'4" grand piano in a gorgeous mahogany polish finish. Sells new for over $ 29,000! From the Steinway Family of Pianos, this one has the lyrical tone and touch you are looking for! Consignment priced at $17,900. Click here for more info!
  • Rare Used Steinway M Teak Grand Piano

  • Originally manufactured in the Hamburg Steinway Factory, this rare, teak piano is now available for purchase. Rebuilt with all Steinway parts, you will find this piano to have superb tone along with a stunning finish. Built in 1959, this 5'7" Model M grand piano is amazingly priced at just $49,900! If you were to order this piano today, it would cost over $100,000. This piano comes with a 5 year full warranty. Click here for more info!

  • Used Steinway A 6'2" Grand Piano - SOLD

  • 1887 Steinway model A. This is a rare 85 note 6'2" piano - $29,900. Click here for more info!
  • Used Steinway B Retired C&A Grand Piano

  • This retired Concert & Artist piano was built for the stage pianist to rent for their performances here in the twin cities. They are especially used by Steinway Artists who prefer to perform only on a Steinway grand piano. This piano has the Steinway & Sons logo on the side as well to showcase your value of having a quality piano. This piano is $64,900. Click here for more info!

  • Restored Steinway Model D Grand Piano - SOLD

  • Rebuilt model D. Built in 1941. 5 year full warranty. If new $143,300. Asking $87,900. Click here for more info!
  • Consignment Steinway Model B Ebony Satin Piano

  • Consignment piano from 1997. Excellent condition - $59,995. Click here for more info!
  • Used Boston Honey Oak Studio Piano

  • One of a kind Boston oak studio piano. Used in a private home, this is the piano chosen by major institutions, and fine pianists, who want the Steinway sound and playability, at a more affordable price. It's in a gorgeous honey oak. If new, this piano sells for over $8,000. Priced at just $5,495 and it comes with a five year Schmitt Music warranty. Click here for more info!