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Piano Lessons in Duluth, MN

Piano Lessons at Schmitt Music Duluth

At Schmitt Music Duluth, we offer piano lessons for students of all ages and abilities. With dozens of teachers providing quality instruction from decades of experience, we are committed to offering a great learning experience.

Typically, our private lessons are 30 minutes long, but some instructors offer a number of other options. Pricing for lessons is established by the teacher and is generally dependent upon a combination of education and experience. Learning materials can vary based upon the desires and needs of the student.

Private Piano Lessons, Beginner to Advanced

Do you have a child who wants to start piano? Did you play when you were a child and want to regain the skills that you learned? Maybe you’ve already conquered the basics and are ready to polish your technique. You may even want to learn a new style of performance! No matter what type of piano lesson you have in mind, Schmitt Music will find the instructor for you.

Piano lesson curriculum can incorporate a wide range of material including basic fundamentals in music reading, music theory, correct fingering and hand position as well as the more advanced techniques associated with learning additional repertoire for performance and recitals. Knowledgeable and skilled instructors are serving students from all around the Duluth area and can customize the curriculum just for you.

Schmitt Music Duluth offers a controlled, safe environment for students and families attending music lessons. We are able to help with any supplies or sheet music that your teacher recommends and you can have fun exploring one of the largest and most unique selections of acoustic and digital pianos in the nation! In Duluth, Schmitt Music is open seven days a week, so we are able to schedule your lesson at a time that is convenient for you.

Whether you are looking to learn to play, improve your performance skills, or simply enjoy some relaxation time by playing with a partner, come play at Schmitt Music!

Visit our Duluth, MN store today to arrange your first lesson, or call 218-727-8341 for more information. We are always happy to help! We are located in Miller Hill Mall, 1600 Miller Trunk Highway, Duluth, MN 55811.




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