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Piano Fundraising Program

While you are probably well-acquainted with fundraising, you may not have thought about participating in a program designed to raise money to purchase pianos. Donors may be predictable but, because a piano can evoke warm memories or stir strong emotions, funds may come from unlikely sources as well. Therefore, it is important to get the word out!

Schmitt Music representatives will help you focus your efforts by providing and assisting you with pre-packaged, ready-to-go fundraising programs – all conveniently packaged in the Schmitt Music Fundraising Kit. You may choose one or more of the programs to help you achieve your goal. Simply let us know when you are ready to proceed and we will send you everything you need!

The Schmitt Music Fundraising kit includes programs such as:

88 Keys Program

Taking its name from the 88 keys on the piano keyboard, the 88 Keys Initiative allows your donors to “purchase” one or more keys in order to help you reach your desired goal in the purchase of a new Steinway-designed piano. This fundraiser gives you supporters a concrete way to cultivate a culture of and appreciation for quality piano music.

How it Works

88 Keys ProgramA Schmitt Music Sales Representative will meet with your organization to help determine your piano needs and develop a detailed fundraising campaign strategy on how best to reach potential donors.

Once your goal amount is established, you simply divide that amount by 88 to give each piano key a designated cost. You may also customize the price of each key – for example, middle C might cost $1000 while others cost only $500. Schmitt Music will custom-build a website dedicated to your institution’s fundraising campaign. The web page will feature only your institution and will provide information about your organization, your piano needs and how your supporters can participate in achieving your goal.

The Steinway Grand Club — The Grand Club recognizes donors who generously provide funds for your piano project. This program is particularly effective when a significant number of instruments are needed.

Within an organization, there is generally a core group who can be counted on to raise money for a specific project. An ideal way to generate enthusiasm within your fundraising committee is to involve them in interesting activities to which they could not normally have access. We can arrange a trip to New York for your fundraising committee, featuring a tour of the Steinway & Sons factory. Your fundraisers will experience first-hand how these prized instruments are made. Armed with this information, they become great advocates for your campaign. Contact us to learn more!

The Steinway Artist Fundraising Concert – Over 98% of all pianists performing today with major orchestras choose the Steinway piano exclusively. No other piano can make that claim. When you are fundraising for your new piano, a concert by a Steinway Artist can draw attention to and create enthusiasm for your campaign as well as raise the money you need through ticket sales.

For best results the fundraising concert should take place at the venue in need on the new piano, on the piano that the organization is raising money for. Schmitt Music will assist in making arrangement with the Steinway artist chosen to perform through Steinway’s Concert & Artist Department.

The Living Legacy Program – The Steinway Living Legacy Program offers a unique opportunity for alumni of your school or members of your congregation to endow a legacy that will enhance the learning or worship experience of future generations. Because Steinway designed pianos last longer than a lifetime, donors view them as enduring gifts that will inspire all who touch them or hear them for years to come.

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