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Music Therapy Services

Individualized Music Therapy Sessions

(30 minutes per session – ongoing)

Music is for everyone! When we think of music, we don’t always think of it as therapy – but it can be. Music is a fun way to teach all children, neuro-typicals and those who have special needs. Individual therapy sessions benefit individuals of all abilities and can address a wide range of needs and objectives.


  • Letter identification and sounds
  • Number identification and counting
  • Colors, shapes
  • Calendar and time
  • Math and/or money


  • Attention and focus
  • Anger management
  • Emotional awareness
  • Impulse control


  • Receptive and expressive language
  • Speech and vocabulary
  • Conversation
  • Sharing, cooperating, following directions

Motor Development

  • Range of motion
  • Directional and spatial concepts


Possible activities include:

  • Instrument exploration
  • Singing
  • Movement to music
  • Musical games
  • birth through age 5
  • $55 per session plus registration/consultation fee

Individualized Adaptive Piano Lessons

(30 minutes per lesson – ongoing)

An adaptive piano lesson is designed for the student who may be challenged by traditional teaching methods. In addition to acquiring the skills to play the piano, the benefits to the student include:

  • An increased attention span
  • Improvement in fine motor skills
  • Enhanced listening skills
  • Improvement in the ability to follow directions
  • Greater self-confidence

Possible activities or adaptations for the student:

  • Color-coded notation
  • Movement activities focusing on rhythm and beat
  • Games that teach notation
  • Use of hand-held rhythm instruments or non-musical props
  • age 5 and up
  • $45 per lesson plus registration/consultation fee

Experiences for “Littles” Inclusive Group Fun!

(six 45-minute sessions)

Participation in a group class provides many opportunities for building relationships and for encouraging cooperation with and support for others. Goals and activities selected are based on the specific age group, but may include:

  • Social and/or emotional awareness
  • Pre-school concepts
  • Language, communication, and expression
  • Motor skills

Activities may include:

  • Reading and/or singing story books
  • Movement to music
  • Musical games/activities that reinforce taking turns or sharing
  • Musical finger plays

18 mos. – 36 mos.

  • parent participation required
  • minimum number of students = 3
  • maximum number of students = 6

3-4 years

  • parents may observe
  • minimum number of students = 4
  • maximum number of students = 6

4-5 years

  • parents may observe
  • minimum number of students = 4
  • maximum number of students = 8

  • $129 per student


Experiences for Families

(six 45-minute sessions)

The goal of the Family Experience is to encourage communication and positive interactions between family members. These sessions provide a non-threatening environment for skill-building with the ultimate goal of enabling the family to transfer the learned skills to the home.

  • Social skills
    • Cooperating
    • Taking turns
    • Following directions
    • Listening
  • Communication / conversation skills
  • Emotional skills
    • Appropriate self-expression
    • Attention and focus
    • Anger management
    • Relaxation
  • Daily living skills

Activities may include:

  • Reading and/or singing story books
  • Instrument exploration
  • Partner games
  • Exposure and/or movement to a variety of different types and styles of music
  • Parent(s) and children under the age of 6
  • $325 per family


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