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Low Brass Resources

From beginner to pro, Schmitt Music’s low brass expert is a great resource for instrument information, practice & playing tips, product advice and more. Check out our YouTube playlists and social videos featuring Keith Hilson, Specialist and Manager of the Schmitt Music Trombone Shop.

Beginner Euphonium Videos:

Watch our Euphonium: Getting Started playlist! Videos in this playlist include: Introduction to the Euphonium  |  Your First Sound on the Euphonium

Beginner Tuba Videos:

Intermediate / Advanced Low Brass Resources:

Access Intermediate and Advanced-level resources from the Schmitt Music Trombone Shop on social media – subscribe to the Trombone Shop YouTube channel, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram today. Trombone Specialist Keith Hilson shares new videos and content all the time!

Daily Practice Tips!

Intermediate Videos

Advanced Videos