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Saxophone Lessons in Virginia, MN

Saxophone Lessons at Schmitt Music Virginia

Do you have a saxophone student? Or have you always dreamed of playing the saxophone? Maybe you have an advancing player who has an upcoming recital or audition. Schmitt Music Virginia offers private instruction on the saxophone for students of all ages.

The importance of music education is a significant part of our philosophy at Schmitt Music and we appreciate bringing the right student and teacher together. When you’re looking for that special person to bring music into the lives of your child or children, make sure you look to Schmitt Music Virginia!

Private Saxophone Lessons

One of the most popular musical instruments for beginners is the saxophone. Schmitt Music Virginia takes pride in matching students with the teacher best suited for his or her needs. The experienced saxophone instructors at Schmitt Music Virginia will welcome you with a personalized lesson plan to help meet your musical goals. Whether your child is a beginning or advanced student, you will see how fast they can progress with private saxophone lessons from Schmitt Music. Our instructors offer lessons for alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, and tenor saxophone.

Fun with Music

We believe that music education should be fun, and we enjoy providing space in our stores for talented teachers to share their love of music. Schmitt Music offers a controlled, safe environment for students and families attending music lessons. Serving students from all around the Virginia area, Schmitt Music is the place to call when you are ready to learn.

Schmitt Music is a one-stop shop for any musician. In addition to offering saxophone lessons, we can equip a beginning student with an instrument and also supply other items like music books and necessary accessories. For those with very specific wants or needs, we carry a nice selection of instructional music and repertoire along with mouthpieces, reeds and other teacher-recommended items that are critical to the performance of an advancing student.

For more information on saxophone lessons in Virginia, please call 218-741-8488 or visit us at Schmitt Music Virginia today at 325 Chestnut Street, Virginia, MN 55792.