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Drum Lessons in Edina, MN

Drum Lessons at Schmitt Music Edina

Do you have a youngster who has been wishing he or she could take drum lessons? Do they beat out a rhythm on your kitchen counter or the dashboard of your car on the way to school? Or is learning to play the drum kit an item on your bucket list? Schmitt Music Edina offers private instruction on the drums for students of all ages.

Private Drum Lessons at Schmitt Music Edina

Schmitt Music offers a controlled, safe environment for students and families attending music lessons. Knowledgeable and skilled percussion instructors have established their studios in Schmitt Music Edina and have been providing quality education for decades, offering beginning through advanced lessons for drum set and percussion instruments.

Typically, our private guitar lessons are 30 minutes long, but some instructors offer a number of other options. Pricing is established by the teacher and is generally dependent upon a combination of education and experience.

Student Goals and Teaching Philosophy

Teaching music is an important responsibility. Instructors at Schmitt Music Edina will give your child their full attention as they encourage independent thinking and instill the values of motivation, musical growth and development. With proper teaching methodologies, your child can achieve his or her musical goals with practice and determination.

Adult Drum Kit Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to play the drums? Drum lessons aren’t just for kids! If you have a desire to learn how to play the drums, don’t put it off any longer. Percussion teachers at Schmitt Music encourage adults to live out their dreams and learn to play – instructors are dedicated to the idea that music is for everyone!

Serving students from all around the Edina, Minnesota area, Schmitt Music is ready to help you find the perfect drum teacher. In addition to offering drum lessons, Schmitt Music Edina can equip a beginning student with percussion instruments, music books and necessary accessories.

Visit Schmitt Music Edina today to arrange your first lesson, or call 612-238-9930 for more information. We are located in Southdale Square, 2906 W 66th St. Edina, MN 55423.




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