Used Steinway M-501 Louis XV 5’7″ Walnut Grand Piano



Built in 2003, this elegant member of Steinway & Son’s prestigious Crown Jewel Collection boasts an exquisite Walnut Satin Sheen complemented by carvings in the unique Louis XV style. Artistic moldings, hand-crafted legs and a scalloped lid reflect the sophistication and artistry of 18th-Century France.

The beauty of this Steinway M-501 cabinet is perfectly paired with classic Steinway tonal elements. Upon playing it, rich overtones compliment a singing treble and smooth mid-range. 5’7” in length, the Steinway “M” has long been one of the most desired Parlor Grands because of its living room size yet full-bodied tone.

In light of this piano’s young age and like-new condition, all parts are original.

Steinway & Sons lists a new Walnut M-501 at $127,100, which underlines the value of this unique opportunity: Asking Price of this magnificent piano is $84,900.

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