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Schmitt Music Wins Two NAMM Top 100 Dealer Awards!

This year Schmitt Music was a big winner at the National Association of Music Merchant's (NAMM) "Top 100 Dealer Awards" - we won in two categories! We're proud to have been chosen as the "Best Marketing and Sales Promotion" and "Support Music Advocacy" winners! Please click the tabs below to learn more.

Top 100 Dealer

We're proud to be a 'Top 100 Dealer Awards' winner!

Schmitt Music is honored to have received two awards for our company's achievements at NAMM's "Top 100 Dealer Awards," which took place July 12th at the Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN. Chosen by a panel of expert judges selected by NAMM, Schmitt Music was chosen as the winner in the "Best Marketing & Sales Promotion" category and the "Best Support Music Advocacy" category!

Tom Schmitt, Steve Wariner, NAMM

Tom Schmitt (on right), receives the award for "Best Marketing & Sales Promotion" from awards show host, country music star Steve Wariner.

"Schmitt Music has demonstrated their unwavering commitment to innovation and service to their community,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. “And with an increase of nearly 60 percent in dealer entries, this year’s competition was especially tough. All of the nominees deserve our respect for their dedication to their customers and the important role they play in helping more people enjoy the benefits of playing music!"

“Our vision is to be our customers’ preferred resource for everything they need to accomplish their musical goals,” said Tom Schmitt. “We want to help people become music makers for life, and we strive to make a quality musical education available for every kid in our service area!”

Download the Press Release here (1.2MB PDF).

Today, Schmitt Music specializes in pianos, keyboards, band & orchestra instruments, printed music and more. We give over 185,000 music lessons each year and help about 11,500 children join their school band or orchestra each year! Schmitt Music stores also offer the services of approximately 40 technicians who repair and service thousands of instruments each year.

Schmitt Music's vision is the same today as it was in 1896 – to help people become “music makers for life.” And our mission is to become our customers’ preferred resource as they pursue their musical dreams. We strive for excellence in all that we do, from the services we offer to our customer relationships.

Our company is deeply involved advocating on behalf of music education. In addition to donations of volunteer time and in-kind gifts, for over 45 years the Schmitt Foundation has donated 5% of pre-tax income to music-oriented charities. Schmitt Music has conducted and supported used-instrument drives resulting in instruments for thousands of disadvantaged students. From the beginning we have believed that taking good care of customers and employees, and conducting business with dedication, enthusiasm and integrity is the best way to accomplish our goals.

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Marketing & Sales Promotion

Best Marketing and Sales Promotion

“Bravo! Customer Survey” Program

Our mission statement includes the passage “…we are committed to listening, learning and constant improvement to strive for excellence in customer service and our offerings.“  Schmitt Music’s “Bravo! Customer Survey” program is our key to tracking customer satisfaction and assessing employee and store-level performance, all while offering customers an incentive to share their experience.

“Bravo!” survey cards are distributed with each in-store or online purchase, and are included inside the case of every school music instrument we deliver.  The customer survey consists of a brief questionnaire to ascertain how the customer perceived their latest Schmitt Music experience.

Customers can fill out the survey on the card and return via pre-paid Business Reply Mail, or complete a survey form on  The “Bravo!” survey can be submitted anonymously, but as a bonus for sharing your experience, customers who include contact information are entered into a monthly drawing for a $50 Schmitt Music Gift Card!

The survey program’s custom-built back end collects data for each Schmitt Music location and assigns a point grade to every survey response, finally converting the score to a common letter grade.  Administrators can view store-by-store results, overall company stats, and individual customer responses.  Each store’s up-to-date “Bravo! Grade” is displayed for all to see, in rotation on our in-store HD Plasma TVs.

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Support Music Advocacy

Best Support Music Advocacy

Schmitt Music has always been deeply involved advocating on behalf of music education.  In addition to donations of volunteer time and in-kind gifts, for over 45 years the Schmitt Foundation has donated 5% of pre-tax corporate profits to state and local charities that serve human needs through participatory music.  In the past year Schmitt Music Company has donated hundreds of instruments and supported performing arts groups and guest artists in school programs and more.

As a long-standing and ongoing corporate commitment, Schmitt Music has taken direct action to help needy students receive the benefits of a musical education.  For over 28 years we have organized, promoted and conducted numerous used instrument drives of our own to put quality instruments into the hands of needy children - and supported the similar work of Music for All Children and Vega Productions through instrument donations, referrals and the use of our stores as drop-off points; tens of thousands of instruments have been put into the hands of disadvantaged students through those efforts. 

For over 20 years we have arranged for the donation of all the music used at the Minnesota All-State Band program.  We helped launch and continue to support Notes for Cliff, a local charity started by the family of one of our employees that supports music students in Minnesota with scholarships.  Over the last 30 years, we have provided at no cost all the pianos (including tuning, regulation and moving) and rehearsal space for the MMTA Honors Concert - a "monster concert" featuring twenty pianos onstage at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota, hundreds of young musicians and a full house of about 4,000 parents, grandparents and family members.

In addition to our direct work supporting local school music programs, we have been active lobbyists at both the federal and state levels.  Schmitt Music’s CEO, Tom Schmitt, has attended four NAMM sponsored fly-in events (two as Chairman), meeting with key members of Congress to communicate our message that "every child in America has a right to receive a quality, sequential musical education…" and to ask for their support in the re-authorization of the ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act).  At the state level, we have been active members of the Minnesota Alliance for the Arts, and regular participants in its work at the capital with state representatives.

Another example that demonstrates the reach of our advocacy can be found in the work of Dr. John Benham.  Years ago we provided the original funding and referral base for Dr. Benham's work helping school music advocates defeat potentially disastrous budget cuts to music programs.  We have worked with Dr. Benham every year since, whenever a music program is threatened, and we will continue to be the first ones in with both financial and organizational support for music teachers facing pink slips in our service area. 

To date, Dr. Benham has worked in 47 states and 6 Canadian provinces, and has made a lasting impact in 46 Districts in Minnesota alone.  Since 1981, Benham has helped secure more than 73 million dollars for programs, saving over 2,000 music education jobs, and as a result affecting 500,000 students. 

Doug Schmitt, Vice President of Education, Community Relations and Advocacy, serves on the McNally Smith Foundation Board, and Learning Through Music (LTM) Board.  Since 2001, he’s organized $72,000 in Music Donations for the Minnesota Band Director’s Association (MBDA) and $11,000 in Music Donations for the Minnesota String Orchestra Teacher’s Association (MNSOTA).  Recently, Doug Schmitt led the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club’s effort to donate and build an amazing “Musical Instrument Playground” in NE Minneapolis.

Finally, on behalf of our company and out of his own personal convictions, Tom Schmitt has donated thousands of hours of his time as a NAMM board and Executive Committee member, including two years as Chairman.  Perhaps most significantly, during his term as Chairman he led the project to create the new strategic plan (referred to as the "VMO") which is now guiding the Association, and personally wrote the vision statement: "We envision a world in which the joy of making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone; a world in which every child has a deep desire to learn music and a recognized right to be taught; and in which every adult is a passionate defender of that right."

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