Group Organ Lessons

Schmitt Music Group Organ Classes

Recreational Music Making for Senior Adults

Find out what hundreds of senior adults already know… making music is EASY and FUN with Schmitt Music’s Group Organ Classes!

A one-time low price of $39.95 per 10-week semester includes everything!

  • FREE use of a Companion Organ in your home
  • FREE delivery and pick-up of your Companion Organ
  • 10 Weekly Classes
  • 2 Private Help Sessions in the Store
  • All Class Materials

Know What Music-Making Can Do For You?

A recent study indicates that music-making can make the active older adult healthier!

Studies have shown:

  • A decrease in anxiety was evident after only 10 weeks
  • A brighter mood and decreased depression was found.
  • Loneliness decreased in the adults who took group music classes.
  • There was a 92% increase in the growth hormone HGH. (This human growth hormone has been called the “feel good” hormone. It influences your energy level, muscle mass, bone density, aches and pains and even wrinkles!)

Dr. Frederick Tims, Ph.D., Chair of Music Therapy at Michigan State University, said: “We feel very strongly that the work we are doing suggests that abundant health benefits can be achieved by older people learning to play music in a supportive, socially enjoyable setting.”

Not surprisingly, there is mounting medical evidence to support the connection between music and wellness in older people. Thousands of music therapists now work in psychiatric facilities, hospitals, hospice programs and senior centers.

The movement got a boost from a recent study done jointly by the University of Miami and four other schools. Researchers found that 130 older folks who took organ classes showed decreased levels of anxiety and depression – and may have bolstered their immune systems by making music.


“The Group Lessons at Schmitt Music have been great! We help each other along and have fun playing together.”
— John B.

“I’d be lost without it. I can’t imagine what I did all those years…When I’m in my music, I forget all my cares. My doctor says it’s definitely good for the soul. I believe it.”
— Dorie G.

“We have been delighted with the course. You are to be complimented for offering such a compassionate and comprehensive program.”
— Robert & Joyce S.

” The organ lessons are a real treat. The teaching is excellent and the classes are a bright spot in my week.”
— Harriet K.

“The organ is easy to play – having no musical background, I thought it would be impossible for me to learn. I was wrong! I can sound as though I have a band or orchestra playing with me! It’s FUN!”
— Sharen K.

“I enjoy hearing the sounds made by my own fingers, and watching the progress of others.”
— John L.

“We’re never too old to learn and have fun. We also meet and enjoy other people.”
— Alice J.