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Doretta Steinway Experience in Edina, MN and Denver, CO

As a part of our commitment to music education, Schmitt Music and Steinway & Sons are offering the Doretta Steinway Experience – a FREE event for music educators in the Twin Cities and Denver – event activities include:

  • An exclusive Steinway & Sons Virtual Reality Factory Tour
  • An Introduction to the Steinway-designed family of pianos
  • Build Your Business presentation!
  • An opportunity to play on new Steinway, Boston, and Essex pianos
  • Complimentary LUNCH for all attendees!
Steinway Factory Virtual Reality Tour


Schmitt Music and STEINWAY & SONS have always been avid supporters of music education. From the very beginning of STEINWAY’S history, when Doretta Steinway gave piano lessons to prospective and past clients, to the present day, our companies have believed that music education is of the utmost importance. In return, Schmitt Music has enjoyed assisting students and their families in making the best decisions about their musical investment.

Steinway and Sons 166th Anniversary

Schmitt Music has proudly represented Steinway pianos since 1961 – for over half a century! Since 1853, Steinway & Sons has built the pianos by which all others are judged. And today’s Steinways are the best yet, supported by generations of expertise and state-of-the-art technological advances. Learn more at


Doretta was an important figure in both family life and business life of the Steinway family. She was the eldest daughter of Henry Engelhard Steinway (founder of Steinway & Sons) and Julianne Thiemer. Born in Germany in 1827, Doretta was the elder sister of William Steinway, and she married Jacob Ziegler, a cabinet maker in New York City. She would become the mother of Henry Ziegler, successor to Theodore Steinway as the innovator in piano design at Steinway & Sons.

Doretta as a Teacher

Doretta seems to be one of the few Steinway women involved in the Steinway & Sons business. She was said to have been a pianist of “above average ability,” playing at times four-hand music with her brothers. In the early years she is said to have worked as a sales person in the warerooms, playing the instruments for the customers, sometimes offering free piano lessons to conclude the sale. There is also evidence that she assisted her husband Jacob’s business as manufacturer and dealer of furniture and home decorations.

To honor Doretta’s passion for teaching piano, Steinway created the Doretta Steinway Experience.

The Doretta Steinway Experience, available exclusively to piano teachers, is an interactive workshop facilitated by Steinway staff from New York. As a participant, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art technology that provides insight into the inner workings of Steinway and Steinway-designed pianos. You’ll also get to connect with Steinway experts, all while learning strategies to help grow your studio and foster musical advancement in your students.

Don’t miss this event! Contact a Schmitt Music Piano Specialist for details or complete the REGISTRATION BELOW to take advantage of this rare opportunity:

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