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The Best Piano Technicians in the World

The Best Piano Technicians in the World
by Piano Specialist Harry Reed

Piano technicians fix pianos. That’s what they do, and most are very good at what they do. In many cases they have invested decades of learning the minutiae and techniques to fix most common ailments of their piano-patient.

But now and then there is a technician that rises above the cold mechanics and considers the needs of the pianist who is using that piano. (How good are they? How good can they be? Will this piano take them there? What is best for them?)

One such technician, fond of using analogies of common household appliances, told his client “yes, I can fix this car to get you to the grocery store and back but you’re not going to make a cross country trip with it, ever.”

Whether it be a pianist, a school, or a church, perhaps the fault lies with the client who doesn’t tell the technician what they really want or expect. What is their standard of excellence – and their expectation of performance? If they choose to settle for less, at least it’s their choice if they’re aware of better options.

Hats off to those technicians out there who have the foresight and courage to look past the sticky key and advise their client on the possibilities of a better instrument for their enjoyment and growth. Like a great teacher or a doctor, people look to them for good advice.

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Harry Reed began his career in the piano business in 1979. His commitment to his work has taken him to several piano factories around the world – most notably the famous Steinway & Sons factory in Queens, NY.

Harry is uniquely qualified to assist all piano customers from the most selective professional to the casual student who wants to have fun with music for their own health and well-being. He has helped thousands of individuals, families, and institutions find just the right piano.