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One of the responsibilities (and perks) of working in the Trombone Shop is playing through our horn selection of a regular basis to keep everything in top shape. It had been a bit since I had played the Kanstul 1555 and I enjoyed it so much I thought it would be a good subject for a video.

One of the things that really strikes me with this horn is the warmth it can have with being so light (and a .500″ bore to boot!) As an aside, many players nowadays find the .500″ horns to be a bit small for the playing they do but Kanstul doesn’t make anything larger in their small-bore tenors; I have spoken with Jack Kanstul about this and they may have some other offerings available in the future!

I also appreciate Kanstul’s approach to their leadpipe options; versus offering different sizes with a similar taper they package quite disparate leadpipe designs that significantly change the character of the horn. Their usage of many of the vintage designs, in particular from the California-based manufacturers as well as the custom makers such as Herrick and Minick, offers a look into the great instruments of the past that is very appealing as well.

Take a listen to the video below to hear the 1555 and three different leadpipe options (S, W6 and H6) in action!

If you are interested in learning more or want to purchase a horn, feel free to call us at 763-398-5018.