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Spring Recital Workshop sessions

Discover the best new music for your spring recitals at this free workshop! Join us for a “Spring Recital Workshop” on Tuesday, January 27th at 9:00AM at Schmitt Music Burnsville.

Our presenters, Barbara Ongna and Joy Ray, summarize and perform the best new material for your spring recitals. They’ll also present time savers, gifts and other merchandise for your studio. Two hours of valuable information and shopping convenience make this event a must!

Please contact us for details or to RSVP to the workshop. Call Print Music Specialist, Barbara Ongna at 952-435-2454, or use our online RSVP form – CLICK HERE.

All solo and duet sheet music showcased is available for purchase at the workshop. You can also place an order by contacting the Print Music Specialist at your Schmitt Music store.

Barbara Ongna

Barbara Ogna

Born and raised in Eastern Wisconsin, Barbara Ongna loved her piano lessons from the get-go, thanks to skilled and insightful instructors. As soon as she was old enough she was set on the church’s piano bench and assigned the assorted joys of church pianists, including hymn-playing, plunking out choir parts, and following wayward soloists around their time signatures of choice.

Barbara attended Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa where she learned that “if ya ain’t Dutch, ya ain’t much.” After earning a degree in Music Education with Piano Emphasis, Barb started the journey into finding her “perfect job”. On the way she worked as a college recruiter for Northwestern, and taught music in Christian schools in Sioux Falls and Edina (with additional responsibilities as cheerleading sponsor and Kindergarten PE teacher to keep her humble).

Barbara loves ‘all things piano,’ and is thrilled to have her days filled with learning about pianos and assisting customers in the selection process. Her motto is: “A Piano Makes a House a Home.” Barbara has been a part of Schmitt Music’s Keyboard Team for over 15 years and has worked at all of the Metro Stores (NOT because she ‘doesn’t work well with others’).

Passions outside of work include Church Worship – the great hymns of the church as well as contemporary praise and worship. She also began studying jazz piano and theory a few years back, and keeps stretching at that, playing with ensembles whenever work permits. To have a life filled with music and to pass that on is, to Barbara, ‘truly a gift.’

Joy Ray

Joy Ray

Joy has 8 years of teaching experience. She works with students to help achieve goals, and enjoys working with children of all ages. Joy has a Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Pensacola Christian College, and has attended Master Classes and Workshops at the University of Minnesota.