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Vladimir Horowitz's Steinway at Schmitt Music Omaha

The most famous Steinway piano ever comes to Omaha!

Horowitz Steinway Certificate

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to play the most celebrated piano of the 20th century! Legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz owned several Steinway pianos during his long life, but Steinway CD #503 was his favorite. Now Horowitz’s historic Concert Grand Steinway & Sons piano will be available for students, teachers, and all Steinway-lovers to actually see, touch and play for FREE!

The Horowitz Steinway will be available during regular business hours from Wednesday, June 26 through Tuesday, July 2.

Contact your Schmitt Music Piano Specialist to reserve your spot! Click here to visit our Specialists page, call 402-391-5588 or today!

Horowitz, a Steinway Artist Immortal, is widely considered one of the greatest pianists of the 20th century. His colorful personality and astounding performances enthralled audiences for decades.

Early in 1934, as a wedding present, Steinway & Sons presented Horowitz and his wife Wanda with a Steinway Model D, Serial #279503. In the early 1940’s, this piano was replaced with #314503, now known simply as CD 503. This is the piano Horowitz kept in his New York townhouse. He used it in many recitals and recordings in the 70’s and 80’s, and he famously demanded that the piano be his exclusive touring instrument during the last four years of his life, including for his triumphant return to the former Soviet Union for performances in Moscow and Leningrad in 1986. A waterproof case was built to transport it! Horowitz died on Sunday, November 5, 1989 – just four days after concluding his last recording session.

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