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Dear Teacher:

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How can I motivate my students?
  • How can I offer my students a fun, innovative environment in which to learn music?
  • How can I make piano lessons more challenging, but at the same time continue to work on basic skills in a fun way?
  • How can I keep my students’ lessons varied, and add exciting new challenges?
  • How can I do all this, and increase my studio income at the same time?

Attend a fun and informative teachers workshop given by Lori Frazer from Yamaha. Lori has worked with music teachers from all over the country, showing them fun, new ways of making your teaching more exciting using existing, proven teaching methods and technology. In addition, Lori will introduce you to the latest teaching tools using this technology, and show you where the best resources are available.

We invite you to attend this special workshop, and find out how use of a Yamaha Clavinova, and how much fun teaching with technology can be. Plan to attend, and find out what many teachers have been finding out — how to expand their teaching studio with the use of technology! Bring your questions, and be prepared to learn.