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Vladimir Horowitz

Legendary pianist Vladimir Horowitz owned several Steinway pianos during his long life.  Steinway CD #503, currently on display at Schmitt Music, was crafted in the early 1940s and traveled with him on his concert tours, including his historic 1986 tour of Russia.  A special waterproof case was built to transport it.

Horowitz died on Sunday, November 5, 1989–just four days after concluding his last recording session.

This historic piano will be available for students, teachers, and all Steinway-lovers to actually see, touch, and play Wednesday, July 6th through Wednesday, July 13th.

We invite you to reserve 15-minute time slots during regular store hours.  Please call (913-663-4756 or 800-734-3447) or email us ( to schedule playing time–and bring your cameras and smartphones! This may be the last opportunity to experience The Maestro’s Steinway.

The Schmitt Music Staff,

Blair Penney
Harry Reed
Julia Scherer
Tom Wennblom, General Manager